READ:2 Kings 6:8-23,John 8:12

The King of Aram planned to attack Israel but every time he planned with his army where to attack, their plans would be known to the Israelites before time because Elisha the prophet would tell Israel the enemies’ secret plans. Severally, he warned them so they kept off places where the Arameans were planning to camp. The King of Aram thought that one of his soldiers was a betrayer only to discover that prophet Elisha had the ability to hear even what was said in the king’s bedroom.What an accurate ministry of the Holy Spirit! Israel was saved severally from the schemes of their enemies because in their midst was a prophet with ears that heard whatever was said even in the secret most places.

When you came to Jesus and became the son of God (John 1:12), you were accorded the privilege of you never walking in darkness. You have a precious promise to walk in the light of life through this dark world. (Isa 60:2).However,it all depends on you and the extend to which you will submit and allow God to lead you.The more you grow your intimacy with the Holy Spirit, He will usher you to realms where your spiritual eyes and ears become open. When God opens your ears to hear and eyes to see beyond the natural,you have an upper hand over the enemy. Strategies of the enemy will not catch you by surprise. Like Elisha, God will reveal to you things in the spiritual realm for your protection and encouragement. Never despise the things you see with the eyes of the spirit because they will keep you from stumbling. By divine revelation you will be able to escape like a bird from the fowler’s snare. When the enemy is scheming against you, The Spirit of God will cause you to discern it all. Besides like Elisha’s servant, when God opens your spiritual eyes it builds your faith in Him and helps you to stay focused no matter what is happening in the physical realm. In the physical realm, The city where Elisha and his servant were was surrounded by physical horses and chariots of their enemies, but a glimpse into the spiritual realm showed that they were actually surrounded by horses and chariots of fire so there was no need to fear!. What a blessed assurance!

As you intentionally grow your intimacy with the Lord, May He give you eyes that see and ears that hear in dimensions beyond the natural.

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