Silence is the language of the wise heart-Noman Kudazai

Reading: 2 Samuel 16:5-14, 2 Samuel 19:15-22, James 1:19-20

Once spoken, words cannot be taken back. Words are a true reflection of what is inside ones heart. They paint a clear picture of our thoughts and so without a mistake. As a Christian what is your response when you receive a backlash or harsh words when you know too well that you are innocent concerning the matter you being accused of? The quickest and near response is hurling insults back. It sounds so natural and fair but the truth of the matter is that such words do not measure up to the standards of the Kingdom.

King David while fleeing from his son Absalom who usurped his powers, he met Shimei who did the unexpected. He hurled insults at David, called him worthless and useless and even pelted stones at him as he went along. The king never said a word. It must have been so demeaning in front of his army! Yet he never allowed them to punish Shimei. He swallowed the shame and looked up to God to vindicate him because he knew he was innocent. David understood who he was and he refused to stoop so low to begin fighting such a small person like Shimei. What a display of patience, humility and wisdom!

In life, understand the golden power of silence. There are things that you do not need to respond to. There are times you will be accused falsely but you will not need to defend yourself and there are times you will need to guard your heart from poisonous utterances whose aim like David says are arrows directed to the soul of the righteous by the wicked (psalm 11:2).Being quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to get angry is God’s standard for every one of His children. (James 1:19)

Remember you are not who or what people say you are. Names and insults hurled at you do not change your identity in God so the earlier you learn to ignore them the better it will be for you. It is your responsibility to guard your heart jealously. (Proverbs 4:23).Never let anyone demean you by what they say about you. Instead, shift your focus and fix your ears to what God says about you. Until God vindicates you when He prepares a table before your enemies and proves them otherwise, may you find grace to just hold your tongue and keep going.

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