TEXT:1 Chronicles 17: 1-14 ,John 12:26,1 Corinthians 15:58

Throughout David’s reign as King over Israel, God granted him victory wherever he went. His coming to the limelight was particularly difficult despite God’s hand being on him because His predecessor Saul sought to kill him. The anointing of David’s life attracted so many battles from Saul which was a strategy from the enemy to silence him. David however continued to serve God’s people unmoved though many times he feared for His life. In all His endeavors even when he faced situations that threatened his life, God preserved Him. He constantly enquired From the Lord what to do whenever the enemies showed up and each time God responded and led him to triumph over them victoriously.

In this context, David is looking back on the goodness of the Lord upon His life. Since God called him from being a shepherd boy and made Him king over Israel, He had graced him to serve Israel and had witnessed God grant them unmatched victories all through. Now, sitting in his palace, David felt so dissatisfied that the Ark of Covenant was living in a tent yet he was living in a palace! At the peak of his life, his heart was still yearning to serve God. He had served God, but he still wanted to do it again. He refused to retire from serving God. He refused to console himself with the many achievements that God had helped him do as a King. His heart was set on serving the Lord as long as he was alive so he made up his mind to build a house for the Lord.

At this point, I want you to see the turn of events. With the Kind of heart that David had, God knew that if He doesn’t intercept him no one else will be able to stop Him from doing what he intended to do. David’s heart was fully inclined towards serving God with his all and when he was not serving God in one way or another, he was never at peace. God’s word through the prophet Nathan reveals the heart of God towards anyone who is intentional about serving Him. God promised to do for David the exact thing that he wanted to do for God. He promised to build a house for David and establish his Kingdom forever! What David wanted to do for God prompted God to preempt the f plans He had for David and his household. God would raise David’s son to build a temple for Him and He would also establish his kingdom forever which is the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ that is up to eternity. Throughout his life, David kept serving God wholeheartedly until it got to a point that God decided it was time for Him to serve David in return. What an honor!

Have you been intentional about serving God where He has placed you? Do you feel sometimes scared for your life because your environment is not the best or so you think? Could you have been discouraged or even humiliated in your quest to serve God? Or maybe you have had to serve God faithfully when are you going through lack and pain? Well, David faced similar challenges but he decided to rise above them. He served God and God’s people out of a pure heart; out of His love for God. He was discouraged, humiliated, hunted down, and threatened but he remained unmoved. This is a testimony of a man who served God despite and in spite and the result was that God greatly honored Him.

John 12:26 is a precious promise for everyone who has made up their minds to follow and serve God. He has promised to honor anyone that serves Him. Many times your service to God may go unrewarded or unnoticed by men. Will that make you stop serving God? I pray you will not because man doesn’t hold your reward. You serve the unseen God through serving the people you see daily, but the people should never be the reason why you serve God. Your love for God should be the reason for your service to mankind. Men may appreciate you but only God can truly reward your service to Him. Only He can give the kind of reward you deserve for serving Him faithfully. When you understand this, your service to God will not be pegged on what you get or don’t get, It will become such a joy serving because you know that in store for you is a reward that only God can give.

Paul reminds us to stand firm, be immovable, and give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord because our labor in this Kingdom is never in vain. Continue therefore doing what you do for God. Never outgrow the habit of serving God and even when you think you have done it all, like David may your inner eyes see yet another thing that the Lord wants to be done.

Remember whatever you do for the Lord is not for nothing; those that serve Him, He honors. That’s what the owner of this vineyard you are laboring in has promised. Therefore, every day, everywhere, and anytime, be somewhere working for the Lord.

Until you take your last breath, do what waiters do: Serve!


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