Read Joshua 18:1-7,1Corinthians 2:12,Hosea 4:6

When the Israelites finally entered the Promised Land, Scripture says that the land was already subdued before them, as God had promised. Interestingly though, only five out
of the twelve tribes of Israel had taken possession of the land. Joshua observed that seven tribes were unaware that they were already in the Promised Land. How unfortunate! He, therefore, took it upon himself to awaken them from slumber and remind them that they were already in Canaan. They had to arise, survey the land, put down its description, and then each of them would get their portion. Suppose Joshua did not challenge them to go out? How much longer would they have delayed before acquiring what was rightfully theirs?

As a believer, there are things that are entitled to you by virtue of being born again. Upon salvation, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13) and one of His many roles is to open your eyes to the realization of those things that God has freely you. It grieves the heart of God when you continue to walk to ignorance without knowledge of how blessed you are in Him. That is why you need to deliberately grow your intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He was given to you as a helper to enable you to grasp what God has in store. He will teach and counsel you, He will quicken and remind you and He will flood your eyes of understanding with light so that identify what rightfully belongs to you and then arise by faith and begin to possess your possession.

Could you be the one delaying yourself when God has already availed everything that you need for this life and for godliness? (2 Peter 1:3) How much longer are you going to wait before you go out by faith and take what rightfully belongs to you? Are you going to continue walking in ignorance or are you willing to partner with the Holy Spirit who lives in you to discover the treasures that are rightfully yours because you are a son of God?

May His Spirit enlighten the eyes of your understanding.

Let your faith come alive by hearing the Word of God.

All that He has spoken in His word is your inheritance.

Do not wait any longer.

There are benefits of Salvation that you should be enjoying by now.

Arise therefore and possess your possession!


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