Text: Mark 5:24-34

The woman described in this narrative is one who was stuck with a bleeding problem for twelve years. It had been with her long enough that people forgot her real name and referred to her as ”the woman with the issue of blood.” Her condition became her new identity and despite her efforts to access the best medical care, the condition only grew from bad to worse in addition to depleting all her resources. She had come to a dead end and it seemed that she was condemned to live with this pathetic state of shame all her life. She must have been one lonely lady because she was no doubt stinking.

However, as she endured through this painful situation, she heard something that hit her like a thunderbolt and stirred up something in her. The Bible is quiet about what she heard about Jesus but she must have heard about the many miracles that Jesus was doing; how the sick were being healed and how the demon- possessed were being set free. She got a revelation from what she heard and she believed with all her heart which later turned out to be the turning point of her life. It may have seemed small or foolish compared to the extents she must have gone to earlier trying to seek help, but she was persuaded in her heart that this was all she needed to do.

 Faith came alive in her and she decided that even if people treated with contempt, pushed her around or even avoided her, she wouldn’t mind so long as she would get to Jesus; just close enough to touch the hem of His garment. As she moved along pushing hard through the crowd that probably sneered at her and wondered what guts she had to show her face in public, it wasn’t easy but every little effort she made actually brought her closer to her miracle. Some people may have probably thrown in words here and there to try and discourage her because the blood was still flowing and the stink still followed her, but she refused to be stopped and kept going. She had received a revelation that her time had come for breakthrough, she had specific instruction on how to receive it and she wasn’t going to allow anything or anyone to talk her out of this divine moment. She acted on her faith and sure enough as soon as she stretched her hand and touched hem of the garment the Bible states that the flow stopped immediately.

Dear friend, are you in a situation that has proved so difficult to deal with that has robed you your joy and perhaps your identity? let me begin by reminding you that what has come to you is not strange, it is common to man and you are not the only one that is suffering such. (1Corin 10:13).Secondly, like this woman, I would like you to pose and interrogate all you have heard about Jesus as pertains to the problem you are in. Have you heard that He is the God of all flesh and there is nothing too hard for Him? (Jere 32:27). Have you heard that God makes a way where there is no way? (Isaiah 43:19).Have you known that He is God and with Him nothing is impossible? (Luke 1:37) and have you heard that to those who believe all things are possible?(Mk 9:23)among many other truths from God’s word?

After a careful reflection of all you heard about God, what is going through your mind? What are your thoughts like because remember always you are a sum total of your thoughts.(Prov 23:7).What are you saying about what you have heard? Has faith risen in you to believe one more time for a miracle? Are you prompted within you to set some time apart and seek God in prayer and fasting? Are you persuaded to lay a sacrifice on the altar and believe God to intervene in your case supernaturally? Or are you persuaded that like Paul and Silas it is time to raise praise in the middle of your trouble? What has the Lord been putting in your heart lately concerning your issue as you turned the pages of the Bible? I pray that you will not be overwhelmed by the pain that you may be in that your spirit man cannot perceive that particular revelation that will position you strategically to receive your miracle.

I encourage you today to understand that the revelation you get from God is what will bring elevation in your life. The moment your eyes of the spirit are opened and you grasp by faith that which heaven requires you to do concerning your state that will be the turning point of your life. What the word of God does to you is to shed light to your inner man and give you understanding as to what will make your faith complete. (James 2:17) Don’t just believe and stop there; believe and compete your faith with an action not religiously because you saw or heard other people doing it but out of your personal conviction. You will be safe if you learn to walk your own path based on what you hear from God.

The moment you begin to walk by revelation, you become a force that the enemy must reckon with because it is revealed truth that sets you free from every bondage. When you begin to act on revelation, you are set on nothing less but victory because it positions you strategically and aligns you to receive divinely from the hand of God. Remember, however small, unpopular or foolish your revelation of God may seem, never ignore it because that could be your point of contact with your miracle.


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