TEXT:LUKE 1:5-25

Waiting on God is not easy.It takes a determined heart full of faith to overcome all the discouragements and fears in the period of trusting God for a breakthrough.Interestingly in scripture,some of the people that received great and precious blessings from God had to wait so long for it!Yeah,because at times God wants to test our hearts and make sure that have the capacity to be entrusted with such kind of a blessing.

In this context,Zechariah and his wife are a righteous and obedient couple who not only came from priestly backgrounds but also served in a priestly office.However,they had a deep seated challenge in their lives; they were childless and Elizabeth was way too old to bear a child.Despite the reproach and the shame that must have come with this problem,they never left the place of service.Having served God until old age, it seemed like they did not have anything to show for their commitment to the things of God.They must have been looked down upon here and there but they made up their minds to remain divinely positioned as they waited for God to show up and take away their shame and pain.They kept serving.Never did they forsake the gathering of brethren and it was during one of those many times when Zachariah was in action; faithfully serving God’s people and ministering unto the Lord on the altar that an angel brought him good news.They were going to have not just a son,but a special one with a divine assignment for that matter.This is because they refused to allow what they did not have to keep them away from God’s presence.

Deception, isolation and separation from the presence of God is a strategy that the enemy uses.He will get you angry,discouraged and jealous of others whom God has already blessed.This is a way to disposition you so that you are out of God’s presence because he knows too well that right there is where your blessing is. He will make you no longer zealous to serve,not want to show your face in the place of fellowship,remind you just how long God has taken to show up in your situation and even derail your faith making you believe that your turn will never come and that your situation cannot change.

I pray that what you do not have yet will not become an the obstacle to receiving what God has in store for you.However painful and uncomfortable your waiting period is, I challenge you to fight in every way to remain in the loop of God’s presence.Even if you don’t feel like it,don’t forsake fellowship,don’t stop praying,fasting,worshiping,reading the word of God,giving and even and ministering unto the Lord.After all,faith is not about feelings,but rather a deep conviction of the heart.Like Zechariah and Elizabeth,purpose to remain steadfast in and out of season until your blessing finds you serving God faithfully and diligently.

As you wait on God,make sure you are divinely positioned and then continue doing what waiters do -Serve! Remember that you are not forgotten; God knows your name and your address and the “good -news bearing angel” is on their way to your divine location.(Hebrews 1:14).Don’t give up yet.Rest in God;Be still and know that He is God.He is faithful till the end and in the fullness of time you will receive an answer to your prayer.


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