Text: Daniel 3

The devil is always looking for an opportunity to entice children of God and even threaten us if need be to dance to His tune. God allows him to stage such scenarios because it’s not only a   perfect moment to test the genuineness of our faith in Him but  also  an opportunity for our God who never loses any battle to display His majesty power.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are a classic example of believers who refused to bow down to any other god no matter the consequences.Defying the King’s order was like signing their own  death  sentence. Everybody bowed downed to the golden statute that the King had made except them. Their faith simply couldn’t allow them to worship any other god. They knew God would deliver them from this but even if He wouldn’t they were also ready to die for what they believed. Their decision landed them in a seven  times hotter furnace of fire bound, but the fourth man showed up and the fire that was supposed to consume them  lost its power against them and instead  devoured those that threw them in. What a turn around of events! That’s our God; when He shows up we can walk in the fire free, unbound and not even have the slightest smell of smoke on us.

There are times that you will not even defend yourself.All you will need to do is take your firm stand,be still and you will see God coming to your rescue.God will never put you to shame if you put your trust in Him (Psalm 34:5). The devil might think he fixed you but what he doesn’t know is that even when he pushes you to the corner God will still be with you even there. When he plunges you in his furnace of fire, Our God; who is a consuming fire(Heb 12:29) will no doubt show up and render his small fire useless. You may undergo a lot of pressure because of your faith but never give in to the demands of the enemy. Remember the one that called you is faithful, and just like He showed up just in time and delivered the three Hebrew boys, He will deliver you too.

Today, every day and forever; choose God because He never fails.

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