“The people I made especially for myself. A people custom-made to praise me!-(Isaiah 43:21 MSG)

While discovering your life’s purpose is one of the greatest achievements anyone can have, walking in obedience and living it out is a great test of faith. The clearer it becomes what God called you to be, you must be prepared to win the battle of the mind as pertains what God says you are versus what you think you are. Like Jeremiah thoughts of how young and inexperienced you are, how you lack the capacity and resources or how you simply don’t fit the part will never allow you to become what God said you are.You must learn to face facts like Abraham; that his body was good as dead and Sarah’s womb was also dead, (Romans 4:19) but you must never allow the facts of where you are now,what you have or do not have to weaken your faith.This is a battle you must win if you will eventually become all that God created you to be.

Walking the path of purpose is never an easy road; it is a journey of faith, learning and unlearning along the way. It will require you to trust God even when it doesn’t make sense. In the long run however, you will realize that every step you take in obedience to God is a step closer to realizing God’s original agenda for you. As you navigate through the journey, you will begin to see some blessings begin to unfold in your life;some of which always longed for but never had them before.This is because there are some blessings that are assigned to you but you will never enjoy them in fullness until you align to the purposes of God in your life. There is a level of the supernatural works of God that will be functional in your life only when your feet begin to tread on the path of purpose. The more you move away from the purpose of God for you, the more you will continue chasing some kind of blessing but it will be an exercise in futility because you can never realize them outside the confines of your purpose.

Be intentional therefore about living out your purpose most importantly to make God proud that of those He created, you willingly partnered with Him to do His will on earth but also live a fulfilled purpose -driven life; reaping the benefits of obedience and faithfulness to your original purpose that the Master carefully and tactfully hid within your purpose before the beginning of time.


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