God speaks to us every day only that we don’t know how to listen-mahatma Gandhi

Reading: 1 Samuel 3:1-3; 1 Kings 19:9-14, John 10:1-15

Many people think that God doesn’t speak. However, it is important to note that it is His nature to speak since creation. God is never silent and even when He seems so He is still speaking.

Samuel was just a small boy in the temple faithfully serving the Lord before Eli. Despite the wickedness by Eli’s sons who were priests then, only Samuel heard the voice of the Lord though he didn’t initially understand that it was the Lord. God spoke to Samuel audibly. Samuel got to hear God at a time when even the word of God was rare. In the days of Elijah, the great prophet of God was hiding in a cave afraid of Jezebel after killing the prophets of Baal. When the Lord wanted to speak to him, His voice was not in the mighty wind that tore mountains and split the rocks, it was not in the earthquake that came right after nor was it in the fire. A still small voice is what Elijah heard after the noise died down. It is in the habit and nature of God to speak to us in the most unlikely times, places and ways and that is why it is important to be able to know and differentiate his voice from any other.

In the Old Testament He spoke to His people through prophets but in our times He speaks to us through His word (Heb 1:1).As a child of God therefore, make it a habit to read the word of God if you desire to hear Him speaking to you. You cannot expect to hear the Lord if you are not good student of the Bible. You cannot afford to go for a day without reading the word of God. Moments with the Lord are priceless and should not be traded for anything. Therefore, when you wake up in the morning and begin your quiet time, listen carefully with the ears of the Spirit because hidden within the pages of the bible is God’s voice. Whether by dreams or prophecies or audible voice like Samuel, the word which is actually Jesus (John 1:14) is the basis through which God speaks to us in this present time.

Make a deliberate choice to hear God’s voice. Set apart quiet time daily where you will shut down every kind of distraction, read and meditate on the word of God and receive  from the throne  room of God. I pray as you do, may you hear His still small voice guiding you through every day of your life;because our God speaks!

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