TEXT: Matthew 28:1-7,Mark 16:1-6,Luke 1:37

Are you facing a situation that looks practically impossible? May be a doctor’s report says that they are only managing end of life so there is practically no hope for your loved one to get better? A job termination that you didn’t see coming and you literally don’t know how to make end meets for you and your family? Lost a loved one and you simply don’t have the strength to pick up your pieces and move on? A deal gone sour and with it tons of your hard-invested money and your life has come to a grinding halt? Well, this list cannot be exhausted because many are the troubles and cares of this life. Truth is that all of us are struggling with one thing or another; its not uncommon so I don’t want you to think that you are the only one going through a rough patch. Everyone else is too! It’s just that everyone has their own different share of suffering.(1Peter 5:9)

Well, You don’t know what to do anymore. You have fasted and prayed, given cheerfully, served God all your years, you have been prayed for but then; NOTHING. Nothing is happening and nothing is changing. Where you are standing now looks like your end. You have done your all but the mountain still stands before you unmoved. It is not imaginary; you can see it. You cannot ignore the pain and distress you are going through. Strength fails you whenever you think about it. Only you know about your tears that fall inwardly and behind the scenes.

Is that you? Hopeless, discouraged, feeling defeated and almost throwing in the towel? The three women were in a hard place just like you are now. They needed to anoint the body of Jesus BUT then the STONE; There was an extremely big stone at the entrance of the tomb. They were not imagining that it was there. There was no way they would get to the body of Jesus if it wasn’t rolled away. There was no way they would move the extremely big stone away. It was just impossible. They were disturbed on the way to the tomb. They didn’t know what to do but they went anyway. What they didn’t know is that God was already at work behind the scenes. An angel had already been dispatched to roll the stone away and even sit on it way before they got there. Wow! What a timely, divine intervention! That’s our God.

He is never short of a plan and a way out.

He always makes a way where you can’t see any.

He is never late; always on time.

He is a present help whenever trouble strikes.

Only He can do what men cannot do.

Mountains tremble at the sound of His voice.

He parted the red sea and made a way for the Israelites to walk through it.

He fed them in the wilderness with miracle bread from heaven and well, He sustained them for 40 years; their shoes not tearing and their clothes not wearing out!

By Him, water came out of a rock.

It is He who displaced all the Canaanites and settled the Israelites in their land just as He had promised.

He is Powerful; too powerful to be defeated.

He is unbeatable.

He is the creator of the Universe and power and might are in His hand.

He is indescribable.

Our God, The God of Israel, the Mighty Man of War, the one who has never lost a battle has a track record of doing the impossible.

He is God of all flesh; is your situation too hard for Him?

He has done it before and He will do it again. Your case is not an exception. If you can only believe something will happen. Do not throw away your confidence in God. (Heb 10:35) Hold on to the faith you have always professed without wavering and you will see God level those mountains in your life that are giving you sleepless nights. Don’t give up on God. Refuse to throw in the towel. Never surrender no matter how hard it gets. He will move your mountain too. He will help you pay up that debt. He will open that womb. He will settle you in a kingdom marriage for He alone knows how to match and settle the lonely in families. (Psalm 68:6) You too will graduate, You too will secure a job. You too will thrive. You will enjoy good health again; that disease will not take you to the grave. Those valleys and deficits in your life that make you cringe with fear He will fill them up. Every path that looks so crooked He will straighten up and sure enough He will order your steps. (Isaiah 40:4) You will rise above your limitations. You will not be put to shame. You too will sing a new song and testify of the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Angels are on assignment to roll big stones out of your way. That which you intend to do but it looks impossible and way out of your reach is actually possible with God.

I challenge you, however, like the three women not to play victim to your circumstances. They refused to stay at home and do nothing. The matter was still bothering them but it didn’t stop them from stepping out; they went anyway. They set out not knowing what will happen at the grave. Their miracle happened on their way because God responds whenever He sees Faith in action. (Hebrews 11:6). An angel was at work while on their way and they didn’t know it! Their miracle caught up with them while they were in action.

Rise up and start going wherever you want to go by faith. Begin doing what you’ve always wanted to do today. Start right where you are with what you have now. You may not have enough finances but register for that course anyway. Start that business by faith. Take a step of faith and begin soaring on wings of purpose by faith though you don’t know where God is taking you. Don’t wait to see the miracle so that you move. Like this woman, move by faith before you see the miracle; that’s the secret. Provoke God to do the impossible in your life by taking a step of faith and by the time you get where your “extremely big stone” is, you will be amazed that it was rolled away long before you got there.

Friend, Believe. Only believe. All things are possible for everyone who believes.

Angels are still at work even now. (Hebrews 1:14)

Miracles still happen.

For with our God, all things are possible.


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