TEXT:2Chronicles 18:28-34,19:1-3,2 Corinthians 6:14-18

“I have known them for so many years, We have come a long way together, They have a good heart and are so good to me, I know they can never harm me in any way, I love their company and how they make me feel, I would be so lonely if I stop being their friend.” These are but a few expressions that believers give to justify unhealthy associations with unbelievers. Oblivious of the danger we expose ourselves to by continued friendship, partnership, and association with the wicked, many times we keep holding on and fighting to stay despite clear nudging by the Holy Spirit to leave. Deep down we know that their friendship is a snare to us yet we stay on either out of ignorance or fear of offending our unbelieving friends. With them around we cannot serve and love God as we ought to. Every time, we must compromise in one way or another in order to accommodate them. As a result, we sin against God and continually grieve the Holy Spirit who dwells inside us.

Despite being a righteous man, Judah’s King Jehoshaphat entertained an alliance with the wicked King of Israel; King Ahab. He didn’t want to be a bad friend so he agreed to go to battle with him against Ramoth- Gilead against the will of God. Despite the warning by prophet Micah that it wouldn’t go well with them, they went anyway. Right from the beginning, his wicked friend set him up by asking him to dress in his royal robes while King Ahab dressed in civilian clothes. Were it not for God, King Jehoshaphat would have been killed as the enemies went hard after him and almost killed him thinking it is King Ahab because he was the one dressed like a King. His toxic relationship almost cost him his life! Eventually when King Ahab died in the battle and King Jehoshaphat returned safely a seer confronted him and asked him why he helped the wicked and loved those who hated God! As a result, God’s wrath came upon King Jehoshaphat.

Don’t get it twisted; I don’t mean that you block every interaction with unbelievers in your life. Wisdom calls you to know just how far your interactions go with them. The truth is that though you live in this world you do not belong to it. (John 17:14). The much you can do to unbelievers is to share the Good News of Jesus with them. However, if they do not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior then you have no business entangling your life with them to certain levels. Enemies of the cross ought to be your enemies too. Be wise enough to know where to draw the line when it comes to partnering with the ungodly. Your relations with them should just be casual if you value your destiny. Remember light and darkness do not co-exist. If your companions are not believers and they are living as enemies of the cross, chances are that you will have to keep compromising your Godly standards to accommodate their wicked behaviors.

Being unequally yoked is dangerous to every God’s child. Like Jehoshaphat, it exposes you and makes you easy prey for the enemy. Secondly, it sets you against God. No matter how hard you try, any toxic friendship will affect your relationship with God negatively. On one side you will want to obey God but on the other side, you will want to please your unbelieving friend. I warn you that this is a battle you will not win and many times if you do not intentionally disconnect yourself from them they will drain you and bring you down and out of your salvation.

So who is in your company? Who do you spend most of your time with because they influence your character; how you walk, talk, and think? You may need to put boundaries in place and begin loosening your grip on some attachments that are dear to you at the moment. You could be desiring to grow and make steps in your walk with God but every time you take one step ahead your friend or even the places you frequent pull you ten steps back! Could be You’d rather be alone than be in bad company because no matter how spiritual and anointed you are that company will corrupt every goodness and godliness in you. It is not an easy decision but it is worth it.

For what does righteousness have in common with wickedness? What fellowship does light have with darkness? What harmony is there between God and Satan? Choose your company wisely. Draw your boundary lines clearly. Know just how far you can go with unbelievers and be deliberate about who you let into your life. The people you make privy to your life’s details and engage with in serious transactions and agreements is a decision you must not make casually. Always remember that you are a true reflection of the people that are in your company. Sooner or later, the outcome of their influence in your life will manifest. Take a good stock of your life today; If you discover that you are unequally yoked in any way, do what you need to do today. Come out of them and be separate.

Your associations matter to God; they should matter to you too.

Be wise!


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