TEXT:2 Chronicles 10, Job 12:12 , Proverbs 4

Seeking counsel is good and at some point in life everyone needs to seek advice concerning one matter or another. While it’s a good thing, seeking counsel about important issues in life can be disastrous if it is sought from the wrong people. It is important to choose who to listen to because the decisions and choices you make will always have consequences.

After the death of his father, Rehoboam found himself at crossroads at the beginning of his reign. People expressed their concerns about forced labour that his father Solomon imposed on them and desired that he would make it lighter for them. If he did, then they would totally submit to his leadership. Wisdom from the elders who had been his father’s advisors dictated that he would gain a lot and have an easy time leading the people if he listened to their complains. They advised him to make the burden lighter for his subjects. Drunk with his new taste of power however, Rehoboam discarded the wisdom from the old men and sought counsel from young men whom they had grown up together. Oblivious of the grave mistake he was making, he chose what sounded good and made their burden even worse than what his father had put them through! Although it fulfilled prophecy, his decision made Israel revolt completely from his reign and from all the other kings in the lineage of David henceforth.

As you set out to make major decisions pertaining your ministry, family, business or career, may you tread carefully when it comes to seeking counsel. Carefully look around you because there is always someone who has gone ahead of you and has been where you want to go. There is someone who has been on the road you want to take. Seeking counsel from such will no doubt help you navigate hurdles along the way. Job 12:12 assures that one of those sure places to get wise counsel would be from the elderly. These ones have gathered experience because they have been here long enough and you can be sure there are dimensions of this life they know better than you do. They may not be abreast with what is happening currently in the world, they might not be as techno savvy but within them lie treasures of wisdom that can steer you right into your desired destination in life. Therefore never allow the pride of life keep you from seeking wise counsel nor ignorance to drive you right into a pit with no one to rescue you when you could have been helped by wisdom.

In all your endeavors, may you never fail for lack of counsel.

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