Stand Out!

In the end, you should always do the right thing even if it is hard.”-Nicholas Sparks

I Samuel 2:12-17, 22-26, Matthew 5:13-16

At times in your christian walk, you will find yourself in situations and environments that can make you compromise your faith. Could be at home, in school, at the work place or even in church you will yourself around people who do things that do not match your faith. Despite the pressure such environments bring with them, never bow in or blend in so that you do not offend people. This is always a test of your faith and exactly how much you love God.

Samuel, born and dedicated by his parents to serve in the temple must have witnessed the wickedness Eli’s sons were doing. They never feared God and were greedy and immoral despite being the priests in charge but he chose to be different. He had a choice of following what the priests were doing but he instead chose to live a life of holiness and purity. Although still young, he understood that he was not just an ordinary boy and he conducted himself as such. No wonder it is only him that heard God’s voice because he was walking right with God! (1 Samuel 3)

Always remember that you are born to be different. You are the light and the salt of the earth and you are a city on a hill that the world is watching. (Mat 5:13-16).God is calling you to stand out and be the change wherever you are. You are not of the world and so you can not live like the world.(John 17:16) The reason why God saved you is for you to point people to Him and so no matter what happens never compromise your faith at whatever cost.

How to stand out as a believer:

(i)Know your identity -You can never act right unless you first understand who you are in God.

You are chosen, royal and God’s very own called to proclaim the works of God.(1 Pet 2:9)

(ii)Be intentional and mark out your boundaries clearly by your words and deeds.

Let it clearly be known that you are born again and there are things you cannot tolerate.Do not be afraid to draw the line.

(iii)Be ready to pay the price of being different.The process might be painful, some situations may be unpleasant but the end result is worthwhile. No matter what happens never bow to any kind of pressure.

I challenge you to dare stand out and stand tall for God and watch Him elevate you to heights you never imagined possible bringing glory to His name.

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