Reading: 2 Chronicles 8:1-3

Solomon spent 20 years building a temple for the Lord and a palace for himself. After settling the Ark of the Covenant in the temple and also getting himself a nice place to stay as the King, he did one more thing before the end of his reign. The Bible says he rebuilt the cities that had been given to him by the King of Haram and settled the Israelites in them.

What a mindful leader! Being the King, full of wisdom and knowledge unmatched and with splendour that made gold like dust in his days, he was concerned about the people he led. He understood very well that He was King because the Israelites were his subjects. He couldn’t be King without them and so he took to account their needs to and made them feel that they were part of His success. That’s why he took the responsibility of making sure that they were comfortable by building cities for them and settling them.

Every time you find yourself in a position of leadership where you have influence over people, remember that it is God alone who judges; He brings one down and exalts another. (Psa 75:7).It is not God’s intention to have you rise, prosper and live in the luxury of life while your subjects wallow in pain, lack or even ignorant threats and insensitivity from your table of power while it is in your power to better their lives. Those patients that you may look at with an attitude are the reason why you are a nurse or a doctor. The students you may perhaps call names and intimidate in their humble beginnings are the reason God graced you to be a teacher. The clients that you serve daily are what make your business, those people on the other side of the counter that you may leave to queue for hours as you pretend to be busy doing nothing are the very ones that God called you for and if you are a minister, then those church members that you may feel that they now are becoming a burden are the reason why you have been called.

May God cause you to lead with the needs of the people you lead at heart. May arrogance and pride never locate you. The more you rise, may you desire to make others go up with you. It would have made no sense for Solomon to have such splendor but have poor citizens living in shanties and utter poverty! It would no doubt taint the Kingdom that he had build with such a touch of excellence.

Wherever God has put you and whatever grace heaven has bestowed upon you, be a faithful steward. May you be that leader that wants nothing but the best for their people. Be that shepherd that will lead flock to the greenest of pastures. Be that leader who sees those under you not as slaves but as opportunities to serve God through them. Lead not just to end your term, but to leave a legacy behind that clearly portrays the very nature of God that you believe in. As you lead with such a golden heart, rest assured of longevity in your leadership, success unmatched and God’s favour in all your endeavors for when you serve God’s people you are actually serving God.

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