You are not rich until you have a rich heart-Roy Bennettt

2 Samuel 9, Hebrews 6:10

When Jonathan made a covenant with David and acted kindly when Saul his father sought to kill him, he didn’t know he was sowing a seed that would be the ticket that would land his son Mephibosheth at the King David’s table many years after he had long died. When David remembered how Jonathan saved his life, he began looking for any descendant in Saul’s household to show him kindness. Ziba as if positioned to be the bridge between crippled Mephibosheth and David; he brought him to the king.

In life, you will be faced with opportunities to either be a blessing to people in need or to turn a deaf eye and ear and act wickedly. However, every time you do good to someone you are actually sowing a seed. Remember sowing and reaping is a kingdom principle. All the time, you will reap a harvest similar to what you sow. This is because God unlike man doesn’t sleep or slumber: He is a sure rewarder and a fair judge. May you live a life sowing seeds worth a noble harvest. Seeds that can warrant you a blessing that far outlasts you even when you are gone. May your children’s children enjoy a special blessing because of how you lived, loved and served God by serving His people. Continue scattering seeds of kindness all around you, even when you do not receive any appreciation because sooner or later you will definitely reap a bountiful harvest if you do not grow weary.

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