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Hello friend !

It is such a pleasure to get to know you and be a blessing to you by the Grace of God.
I am born again, a disciple of Jesus Christ and a lover of God!

 My deepest desire is to see peoples’ lives transformed through God’s word, discovering their true identity in God, pursuing their purpose and becoming channels through which others can know God too.
Welcome to this beautiful journey, where we will learn about God with help of the Holy Spirit.

My prayer is that together, we will know God more, become His original purpose and then make Him known to the nations of the world.
It has always been, it is and will always be about Jesus Christ my Lord.

His Beloved,
Winnie Baraka

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Winnie Baraka

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A lover of God; giving my life back to the one that gave it and eternally loved me first!

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Psalm 23
Psalm 23


May God cause you to lead with the needs of the people you lead at heart.

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