Mind Your Character!

Texts: I Chronicles 5:1, Genesis 49:3-4, Proverbs 22:1

Character is everything if you are going to attain and sustain greatness. Simply put, it is what you do when no one is watching, your thought pattern and morals in places and at times where no human eye can see. What you say and do depicts whether you are a person of integrity or not. When Reuben took his father’s concubine Bilhah, may be he thought it wasn’t a big deal after all. He threw all the caution to the wind and thought that his father would never get to know about it. (Genesis 35:22). What He forgot is that eventually, truth has a way of coming out. The lust of his flesh led him to disgrace his father. A young man, energetic and with such a bright future had nothing to receive except a curse at his father’s deathbed.(Genesis 49:3-4).His failure to manage the lust of the flesh shut doors of greatness and prosperity right before him. He lost his position as a leader in the family as well as his inheritance. What a tragedy! He was replaced and what was rightfully His went to Joseph, who was much younger than Him; his birthright and all.

This is why you cannot afford to be careless and carefree in this life. Solomon the wise man says that character is actually better than riches! (Proverbs 22:1).It is better to have little and be a man of integrity than have much but lack character. God- given skills, talents and gifts will certainly open doors and cause you to sit with Kings. (Proverbs 18:16).However, walking through doors of greatness will just be a waste of time if your morals stink because without character your success can only be short lived. Anointing can push you to very high levels of influence but longevity in that position is a dream you can never achieve without character. Character is what sustains greatness.

As you sharpen your gift, work so hard and pray to God to bless the work of your hands, I beseech you to be intentional in building an equally good character that matches your academic credentials or even spiritual capacity. The negative behaviors that you refuse to fight and destroy on your way up are the very things that will a pave a way for you down and out of your blessing. You can make a powerful first impression, but it will not be long before your true self begins to manifest. I challenge you to de -register yourself from “the I don’t care what people say class” if you desire to be great in this life. If you understand that actually what some people know and say about you can actually change the course of your life and usher you into your destiny, then you will begin to care. Understand that your testimony can be a weapon and a ticket to that breakthrough you want so badly. If Joseph had a bad name in prison, the cup bearer wouldn’t have mentioned him before Pharaoh and the next minute the prisoner would not have found himself sitting in palace and rubbing shoulders with the King. (Gen 41:9-14). David wouldn’t have been recommended to sing before King Saul in the palace if his testimony was wanting. Dorcas too could have remained dead but her good name and works spoke for her and actually brought her back to life. (Acts 9:36-42).What people said mattered after all! Maybe all you need is to work out your character alongside your skills and then sit back and watch your good name add value to you.

Do not allow any bad odour of unbecoming behaviour and negative traits deny you a chance of being and remaining at the top all your years, soaring higher and higher in uttermost excellence and integrity. Let good character be your name.


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