Hidden Power in Consistency

“If you are aiming at the top, consistency is the name of the game.”– Olawale Daniel

1 Samuel 1:1-8, 18-21, Psalm 86:11

Being consistent simply means being steadfast,stable,uniform,regular or dependable in doing a particular thing. Consistency is a kingdom principle that calls for total commitment and giving your all in whatever you do overtime. There is no room for giving up and growing weary, it is rather a forward march when it is convenient and even when it is not. Sadly, many Christians lack this key quality and more so in the things of God. Have you ever wondered how easy it easy to consistently wake up every morning to go to work daily without fail or coercion while it is so difficult to consistently  wake up  to study the scriptures and pray every morning easily so? What a tragedy as we seem to go hard after the things that have temporal benefits while treating casually the things that have eternal benefits!

Elkanah’s family is a classic example that shows that consistency with the things of God indeed pays off. Yearly, they went up to Shiloh to worship and sacrifice to God. In spite of Hannah’s challenge of not having a child and being constantly provoked by Peninnah they still went year in year out until God answered her prayer and gave her Samuel. Even after she dedicated the boy to God, the Bible records that she took him a little robe every year whenever they went up to worship. The challenge of not having a child didn’t stop her from going to worship and even when the blessing came it didn’t stop her either! It was during one of these many times up in Shiloh that God visited her a second time with a greater blessing of 5 more children.

When you discover what consistency can do, you will not cease to wake up early for your quiet time. Nothing will come in between you and your worship time whether you feel like it or not. The stamina to continue doing what you did yesterday in pursuit for God is something that touches the heart of God. As you continue in prayer, in fasting, in the word and serving there are challenges that begin to lose grip off your life. Sicknesses and even curses begin to break as you tarry and refuse to be moved from God’s presence. One blessing shouldn’t sway you to stop loving God; it should charge you to seek God even more because it will result into other multiple blessings you didn’t expect. May the Lord give you the staying power; that in and out of season, your heart will remain unmoved.  

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