TEXT:Ephesians 2:10,Jeremiah 1:5

God had a specific purpose when He created you.There is a reason as to why you were born and there is no greater satisfaction than knowing why you exist. Paul in Titus 1 was chosen specifically to be an apostle to encourage the people of God and teach them the truth about God’s word. Jeremiah was appointed to be prophet to the nations even before He was born. Your life’s purpose was decided upon even before you were born, and the only way to walk in that purpose is to seek to know it from God who created you and designed you specially to accomplish the purpose. You are unique and so is your purpose. It is therefore not enough just to be born again and have a relationship with God; you have to continue seeking to understand exactly why you are here and what God had in mind when He created you.

Remember child of God,

1.You are unique in your own way-Never compare or compete with anyone;Enjoy being you!

2.Your purpose is unique.-There is one particular God-ordained assignment that only you can do it so well.

3.God is the author of your purpose and therefore your environment and situations do not in any way describe your purpose.

4.Discovering and walking in your purpose results is so fulfilling;It brings untold joy and excitement in life.

You were not created just to exist on earth and then die. God’s intention was for you to serve His purpose before being transitioned into the other life.Like David (Acts 13:36) I challenge you to seek to serve the purpose of God in your generation when you still have time.Seek to understand the path that God clearly marked out for you even before you came into existence and when you do,may the winds of purpose propel you every day of your life and by His grace endevour to become an original version of who God made you to be for His glory.

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