TEXTS:2Samuel 23:9-12,Proverbs 28:1,Hebrews 10:35-39

The old testament has many instances when God used just a man or a few men to deliver Israel from the hand of their enemies. These were not special in any way; in any case, most of them had serious shortcomings to the extent that they even disqualified themselves beforehand. Moses stammered and Gideon came from the smallest clan in Israel land was a lastborn. Jeremiah was only a boy when God called him. Nevertheless, Their shortcomings didn’t stop God from working great victories through them. The moment they aligned with God and allowed themselves to be vessels in the hand of God, He worked mightily through them.

Eliezer and Shammah were among the mighty men of King David. The Israelites went to war with the Philistines and when it got tough all the troops of Israel fled in fear. Eliezer however refused to leave. He remained on the battlefield and fought until his hand got stuck on his sword. He was tired and alone but he pursued and refused to throw away His confidence. He knew God would fight for Israel and if He would do it through one man then that man would be him. Shammah in another instance fought the Philistines single-handedly. In both instances, God brought a great victory to Israel through men who stood their ground. These ones understood that If they could only take their place then God would do the rest. They remained when all the other people fled in fear. These two totally surrendered themselves and allowed God to use them even if single-handedly. What a resolve!

You too can be used by God. Look carefully where has placed you. You were not born into that family by mistake. You might be the least of them all but you may be the one God will use to bring salvation to your household. You are not an accident at your workplace either. Your church or ministry could be that field where God has strategically positioned you so that through you He will do amazing things and glorify His name. Are you fearful or do you think you are not good enough? Could you be Jonah fleeing your God-given assignment and position? Be strong in the might of the Lord, stand your ground, and ready yourself to be used as a vessel through which God can work great victories. If he used a single man to defeat an entire army, he can also use you to bring revival, healing, reconciliation, and deliverance to God’s people wherever you are.

Even today, God is still in need of a man. Will you be that vessel of honor? Are you willing to allow God to do whatever He needs to do for His people through you? Will you be found on God’s side like the two mighty men of King David even when everyone else leaves?

Remember nothing can hinder our God from saving His people; whether by many or by few. (1Sam14:6)


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